He will always love her….

Grigoris Arnaoutoglou spoke to Themo Anastasiadi on ‘Ola 12′ (9/04/12). The most memorable thing he said throughout the whole interview? When asked which co-worker he loves the most out of all of his years working, without a second thought he answered Rania Thraskia. He said he would love her for all of his life, even if he never sees her again. *sigh* The man still loves her, and he said it out loud for all the world to hear. They have both moved on in their lives but their history can’t be forgotten. If only one day they end up both single again and run into each other, could history repeat itself?


I still ‘ship’ these two no matter what, so I am thankful to Grigori for putting it out there, for reminding everyone just how strong of a love story he had with Rania. We all know she was his soulmate and even though she has well and truly moved on now and doesn’t talk about Grigori, if she heard this maybe she could allow herself to remember even for a moment…