The hot new couple that have hit the Greek tabloids over the last couple of months. Are they or aren’t they? The reports have been going wild, even wondering when the wedding will be despite the fact that Zeta Makrypoulia and Michalis Hatzigiannis have been dating a very short time, if they are in fact together. If I see it in their own words, then I’ll believe it. Not that there aren’t some very interesting paparazzi photos that tend to indicate the two are very much together.

I will say though, finally, a couple that seems to make some sense. If I see one more young and could do better Greek celeb marry an old fogey I will scream. I don’t know how it happens and hope it has to do with love and not money but at least this coupling makes sense. Two good looking people, same age group, both talented and working in their own industries. They would definitely have good-looking babies!