Beard vs. Shaved Celebs

Today it’s becoming quite trendy for men to wear beards. We can even find many celebrities sporting a beard, light facial hair, or a mustache. This is even crossing over into film roles where the leading characters have a beard, no matter what career they have in the story. According to the best electric shaver portal, it seems like people are on either side of the fence with bearded vs. shaved celebs. The ladies either love a man with a beard, or they don’t.


George Clooney – Monuments Men

It’s surprisingly when we see a normally shaved man in a role with a beard. George Clooney has had a recent role where he has a beard in Monuments Men. In the movie he’s obviously playing an older man, as his beard is noticeably showing the grey. While he’s still a handsome man, he does appear to be more of a father-figure when wearing a beard. It seems to go against the norm with his regular corporate style roles.


David Tennant – Doctor Who

Another man we got used to seeing clean shaven was David Tennant, Doctor number ten, in the Doctor Who BBC television show.No Doctor to date on the show has had facial hair. Whether that’s the character’s preference, or a BBC requirement, who knows? So, imagine our surprise when David Tennant played the role of Alec Hardy in Broadchurch and Emmett Carver in Gracepoint, but sporting a short beard and mustache?


David Tennant – Broadchurch


Is this the Doctor we love? Apparently not.Tenant plays a darker role on these TV shows. Perhaps the facial hair was intentional, to remind us that Hardy, nor Carver, is not our beloved Doctor. For other celebrities, such as Seth Rogen, we expect him to have a bit of facial hair. Seth is an accomplished filmmaker, actor, and comedian. We don’t expect him to conform to the corporate norm that George Clooney can play. He plays fun characters in This is the End, Knocked Up, and the Interview. We expect him to be a bit different. That he’s forgotten to shave in the morning just seems to be a part of him.


Aaron Douglas – Battlestar Galactica

Aaron Douglas is another actor that we can expect to see either clean shaven or sporting a beard. Aaron is a Canadian Vancouver actor who has played in Battlestar Galactica, and the Bridge. He often plays hardened, no-nonsense, tough characters. He wouldn’t get along well with Seth Rogen. You may see Aaron with a beard, or you may not. But you’re not going to give him a bad time about it.

It’s not just men sporting beards either. Kathy Bates plays the bearded lady in American Horror Story’s Freak Show. She’s a loving mom to her son, and holds the carnival together, acting like the concerned mom. When she’s killed, we’re enraged. Whether beards and mustaches are here to stay, or whether they’ll be out by the end of the year, only time will tell. For now we’ll have to expect that our favorite celebrity men, or women, will be sporting a beard. You can choose to like it, or not.